OVERLAND PARK, Kan., June 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Scientific Analytics, Inc.’s DARI Motion Health is one of the medical innovations that was showcased in front of thousands of healthcare providers at Premier Inc.’s 2017 Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition on June 27.  

Without attaching markers or calibrating force plates, DARI Motion Health performs a comprehensive biomechanical analysis in as little as five minutes. It then delivers objective, actionable data to clinicians and patients just seconds after the scan. This data empowers patients to prevent injury, recover faster, and achieve better health outcomes.

Scientific Analytics’ DARI Motion Health was debuted during the conference’s annual Innovation Celebration. The event recognizes advances in healthcare while highlighting industry suppliers committed to innovation and improving patient outcomes.

“Scientific Analytics shares Premier’s commitment to providing valuable products to our alliance members that are safe, high-quality and cost-effective,” said Durral R. Gilbert, president of supply chain services, Premier. “We believe these innovations can benefit providers as they work to transform healthcare.”

Clinicians and other health system members of Premier selected DARI Motion Health to be showcased at the Innovation Celebration due to its uniqueness, ability to have an impact on unmet clinical needs and potential to improve patient care.

About DARI Motion Health
DARI Motion Health is a proprietary markerless motion capture technology using sophisticated biomechanical algorithms. Without attaching markers or calibrating force plates, DARI performs a comprehensive biomechanical analysis in as few as five minutes, and delivers objective and actionable data to clinicians and patients just seconds after the scan.

This data can then be leveraged to identify possible threats to bone and joint health, avoid potential injuries proactively, improve personalized training and rehabilitation services, and reduce overall healthcare costs with preventative care and wellness recommendations–empowering patients to predict and prevent injury, recover faster, and achieve better health outcomes.

Because of DARI’s versatility, it can be utilized in a wide variety of healthcare programs to generate additional opportunity for revenue streams–from orthopedics, physical therapy and sports performance, to occupational health and corporate/employee wellness. Additionally, DARI Motion Health can help healthcare systems better align themselves in their community by incorporating use into their community outreach programs. DARI is powered by Scientific Analytics, Inc. Learn more by visiting DARImotion.com.

“We are extremely proud to have DARI Motion Health showcased at Premier’s Innovation Celebration,” said Todd Gleason, Chief Executive Officer for Scientific Analytics. “Objective data for dynamic human motion is the next vital sign, and Premier’s inclusion of DARI emphasizes the impact our platform can have in improving health outcomes.”

Any supplier, regardless of whether the company is contracted with Premier, can be considered for participation in the Innovation Celebration. Premier contracts with more than 1,200 suppliers.

For more detailed information, including a video of DARI Motion Health visit: http://breakthroughs.premierinc.com/innovation-celebration-2017/

About Premier Inc.
Premier Inc. is a leading healthcare improvement company, uniting an alliance of approximately 3,750 U.S. hospitals and more than 130,000 other provider organizations. With integrated data and analytics, collaboratives, supply chain solutions, and advisory and other services, Premier enables better care and outcomes at a lower cost. Please visit Premier’s news and investor sites on www.premierinc.com.

About Scientific Analytics, Inc.
Scientific Analytics, Inc. is at the center of the most advanced predictive analytics technologies and solutions in the world. The company is focused on finding solutions for yet-to-be-solved challenges and opportunities facing organizations, such as DARI Motion Health for the healthcare industry.

Originally published on the Kansas City Business Journal website.