Optimize Movement.
Avoid Injury.
Track Progress.

DARI: A New Era in Athlete Health and Performance

Motion is the foundation of performance, and optimizing it allows you to avoid injury and improve performance. At DARI, we use the most advanced technology in the world to help athletes at all levels transform their motion, recover from injury, and perform at a higher level.

The DARI Platform: Transform your Motion  

Athletes train hard for success, but they often neglect the foundation of their performance–their biomechanics. Whether it is a muscle imbalance, compensation pattern, or poor muscle recruitment, every athlete suffers from some biomechanical deficiency. These directly impact performance and heighten injury risk. Until now, the technology to quickly and accurately diagnose these issues did not exist. Our technology solves that problem. 

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Change the Paradigm 

DARI can collect objective, actionable biomechanical data on entire teams in a matter of hours giving athletes and training staffs the tools to transform their motion.

  • Using markerless motion capture, DARI collects all forces, angles and velocities generated in a 5-minute scan.  
  • DARI processes that data in moments–identifying subtle musculoskeletal asymmetries and poor movement patterns that impact performance and lead to injury. 
  • As soon as an athlete steps out of the capture space, DARI delivers an easy-to-read report with actionable insights, allowing coaches and trainers to get to work immediately.  
  • Our patented technology captures kinetic data, such as joint torques and ground reaction forces, without force plates.  
  • DARI’s validated markerless capture system delivers accuracy and precision comparable to the current marker and force-plate standard.

It All Starts at the Baseline 

Unlike marker-based systems, DARI delivers sub-millimeter accuracy from scan-to-scan so trainers can establish an athlete’s motion baseline, and objectively track changes over time.  

  • DARI helps you craft dynamic training protocols that intelligently account for changes in an athlete’s motion. 
  • DARI shows injured athletes where they are in their recovery by comparing them to their pre-injury data. This helps training staff streamline rehabilitation and enhance compliance.  
  • Using frequent screening and predictive analytics, DARI helps identify potential non-contact injuries up to two-weeks before they occur.