Clinical-grade biomechanics, delivered in a fraction of the time.

Accelerate musculoskeletal research at population scale with validated kinematic and kinetic motion capture outputs—only with the DARI markerless motion capture system. 


Objectively Track, Trend, and Merge Datasets Longitudinally

Our markerless motion capture technology boasts 99% reproducibility in segment lengths in successive evaluations—successfully replicating a subject’s joint centers within 1mm between scans. This reliability allows you to track musculoskeletal data over time and derive meaningful analysis from the results.  

This unprecedented reproducibility eliminates the subjective errors associated with marker-based capture. DARI’s user-friendly system saves time and provides sample sizes that other systems would take years to assess. 



No Markers, No Limitations

DARI frees you from the limits of marker placement and force plates. DARI captures motion as it was meant to be.  

Our robust motion capture allows research to be conducted on populations that are difficult to assess with traditional systems. The capture space can support implements, such as treadmills, stairs, cycles, and chairs, items that can be critical to research-specific assessments.  


We are a Partner for YOUR Success

Customized reporting capabilities give you the data you need, in the format you want, with mere seconds separating motion capture and data output. Our application-specific motion protocols and aggregate population data arms you with the power to deliver objective biomechanical research specific to your research goals.

Tailor motion protocols to specific research applications, or choose from over 180 motions to capture the data that matters. From multi-planar kinematic motion to comprehensive, full-body, dynamic functional motion analyses, we deliver the data that meets the demands of your research, faster than ever before.

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