Scalable Capture.
Objective Data.
Proactive Wellness.

DARI: Delivering Motion Health

DARI makes it possible to use objective human movement data to deliver wellness, engage in community outreach, and help people achieve a better quality of life. At sub-millimeter accuracy and in minutes per scan, DARI provides research-grade biomechanics at unprecedented scale. This data helps wellness professionals identify movement imbalances, asymmetries, and compensation patterns that keep people from achieving their best motion.

A New Kind of Wellness

DARI harnesses the power of markerless motion capture and sophisticated biomechanical algorithms to deliver motion health to entire populations.

  • No time-consuming markers or force plates
  • Objective, whole-body biomechanical analysis in as little as five minutes
  • Actionable data delivered within seconds of a scan

Featured Partners:

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  • MotionWatchwhite
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DARI Technology is Helping Providers: 

  • Differentiate themselves in their markets with a motion health service line
  • Track and assess outcomes objectively over time
  • Develop value-added partnerships with local employers to deliver wellness programs to their employees.
  • Provide personalized analysis at population scale.