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DARI: Certified Reporting with Muscle Mapping

Proactive Treatment

In addition to providing an unmatched tool for building custom rehab protocols, the DARI Certification delivers a truly proactive approach to musculoskeletal and joint health by identifying biomechanical inefficiencies before they present as symptoms or result in overuse injuries.

As we move toward a more preventative health and wellness model, there is a growing emphasis on the importance of exercise and physical activity to overall health. For many individuals, the first step is addressing existing symptoms that have prevented them from engaging in a more active lifestyle. A DARI Certification not only helps to unwind old compensation patterns but also serves as a guide for applying the correct stabilization protocols.

Establishing a strong biomechanical foundation ensures that strength is not built on dysfunction. Such an approach effectively lowers the overall risk of encountering an overuse injury during activity. Being able to comfortably increase activity levels allows for maximum training effectiveness with fewer setbacks. Tracking progression with a DARI analysis not only provides valuable training feedback, but is also an effective tool for keeping your clients engaged in the process.


Return to Full Activity

Even with the best preventative measures, injuries can still happen. The DARI:Certified professional has the ability to market themselves as an active part of the rehab process. Currently, there is a disconnect between the completion of rehabilitation and the return to full activity. The DARI Certified professional has the unique opportunity and ability to bridge this gap. For many people, completing the number of physical therapy sessions prescribed for a given injury means they are ready for normal activity but are not fully stabilized. Using precise biomechanical data helps to connect the trainer with the rehabilitation process and allows for rehab to be completed at the training facility and helps prevent another injury from occurring.

Comprehensive Care

Whether it’s effectively continuing the rehabilitation process to completion, identifying and unlocking athletic performance potential, or proactively intervening to prevent injury by increasing joint stability, this approach is relevant to all stages of human movement. From collection to application, the DARI Certified professional has a comprehensive understanding of how to translate complex biomechanical data into meaningful and actionable results.

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