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DARI Changes Everything

Predictive Biomechanical Analysis in Minutes — Traditional methods for collecting and processing 3D biomechanical data have been time-consuming and tedious, and lack session-to-session repeatability. Setup and collection often takes hours. Processing and reporting could take weeks. Now, with DARI, motion capture is possible in minutes, processing takes seconds, and actionable reports are available almost immediately. 

Markerless motion capture. Process information in seconds. Generate custom reports.Markerless Motion Capture — DARI strives to produce a simple collection environment using Markerless Motion Capture, fast processing speeds and easily understandable reports. Our ecosystem is designed with data application in mind. You don't need a Ph.D. in engineering to obtain and apply this information. 

Expert Training and Ongoing Support — DARI will install our equipment at your facility. We will train you and your staff to collect movement protocols and to upload movement files to the cloud. From there, DARI’s cloud software will process all data automatically and produce a report designed in a way you can immediately apply. 

The DARI Vault:  Accessible Cloud Software

The software that supports DARI is cloud based, so the information is accessible anywhere in the world, allowing you to get to that most important information quickly. The Vault is an intelligent human movement analysis system that produces and delivers the data you need to accurately and precisely design treatment or training programs for your clients. It is just like having your own team of software architects, bioengineers and healthcare specialists right at your fingertips.

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