Data Processing–From Days to Milliseconds 

Let our Cloud Work for You 

Data processing used to take weeks. With DARI, it takes seconds.

Instant Processing

To make biomechanical analysis work in real-world applications, we had to tackle one of the most difficult problems in the field–data processing. Traditional marker-based analysis of a single human motion requires days of intensive data compiling and error-correction. By the time the data is ready, the window of application has passed. It is no longer useful in helping people avoid injury and achieve better motion.

To solve this problem, we developed a powerful cloud processing engine–the DARI Vault– that takes the thousands of data points comprising each motion and processes them in under a second. Wellness providers, trainers and coaches can now use objective biomechanical data to make immediate, informed decisions for better motion health.

  • Access your data–anywhere. The DARI Vault is cloud-based, so it is accessible anywhere, any time.
  • Secure, HIPAA Compliant. Our vault is secure. We take your data as seriously as you do.