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DARI Vault Software 

The most secure vaults in the world are often built into mountains, becoming home to valuable and tangible assets. These mountain vaults are the inspiration for the software that powers, processes and reports DARI data. The DARI Vault reliably and securely stores the assets collected and processed with the DARI system.

Software versions of the DARI Vault are named after mountains; the mountain is carefully chosen to symbolize the important features and capabilities of the technology. 


Version 3.0

Range: Alaska Range
Height: 6,194m

History: Denali is the tallest land-based mountain in the world. From base to peak, Denali rises more than 5,600 meters (compared to only 4,650 meters for Mt. Everest). To complete this long ascent, climbers endure extreme weather and technical climbing challenges. Because of this, Denali had many unsuccessful summit attempts in the beginning. However, once summited the best route became obvious. Today children as young as 11 years old are making the journey to the top of Denali.

The DARI Vault has followed the same journey. Over the past four years DARI has made the long climb and weathered the storm. Having navigated the complexities of biomechanical data, the process is now about finding the best route. DARI can produce data in record time. DARI's speed allows you to put your data to work faster.


Version 2.0

Range: Swiss Alps
Height: 3,970m

History: The Nordwand, or north face, of this peak in the Swiss Alps is an objective legendary among mountaineers for its technical challenges. Though it was first climbed in 1938, the north face of the Eiger continues to challenge climbers of all abilities with its technical difficulties.

Just like the Eiger’s north face, making it possible to scale human movement data to accommodate a high-volume workflow requires a progressive solution. The second generation of the DARI Vault includes faster processing speeds, more advanced data integration, and introduces an artificial neural network. It's possible to flag the key changes in variables during longitudinal tracking, allowing the end user to spend less time interpreting data and more time achieving efficient and effective human movement outcomes.


Version 1.0

Range: Himalayas
Height: 7,394m

History: The third-highest mountain in the world, the Kabru Massif is part of the Himalayas on the India-Nepal border. In 1935, the Kabru’s lower south summit was climbed solo, by Conrad Cooke. But to this day, the north summit remains unclimbed.

In much the same way, it requires a mountain of data to track human movement. Many other companies have conquered the “south summit” of this field with marker-based systems, gait labs and force plates. Each of these methods provides an important piece of the human movement puzzle. The “north summit” of this field remained unclimbed until DARI introduced the most advanced and comprehensive approach to the collection and management of human data in the world.

The DARI Vault was built to store and safeguard this highly valuable information and is only accessible to those who can use this information to unlock human movement potential.

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