Wu Tsai Performance Alliance: University of Kansas

The Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance is designed to integrate deep scientific knowledge with the thoughtful inclusion of diverse voices to create meaningful change. Our leadership, partnerships, and participants allow us to identify key, real-world needs from athletes, coaches, and clinicians to then be implemented for all people.

DARI Motion is excited to work with one of the innovation hubs. Dr. Andrew Fry at the University of Kansas is working to transform motion health! More to come.

Watch the YouTube video here

New York Times – Olympic Athletes From The View Of Captury

Read more in the New York Times about how 4 different Olympic athletes move. Understand what makes them different and amazing. The visuals are stunning!

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We haven’t posted as much as we normally do because we are re-branding! With the acquisition of The Captury we are refocusing our messaging and gearing up for a release.

So in the meantime our posting will be on pause. We are sorry for the slow down, but it will be worth the wait!

In early May we will be back in full force. The next time you see DARI it will be …..

Client Shoutout! Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)

HSS now has 8 DARI Motion systems implemented across their hospital locations from West Palm Beach, FL to Brooklyn, NY.

We love advancing the new standards of motion health along side the incredible talent at HSS, the number 1 hospital in orthopedics.

Find out more about this collaboration in the article here:

Insights In Motion – Interview Series

DARI clients have been applying our ecosystem of solutions in a variety of different areas for years. This interview series is meant to step out into real world settings and listen to what people are experiencing. From research findings, clinical applications. performance monitoring, to impacts on outcomes we want to hear it all. We are ready to bring you insights in motion.

This interview is with:
Alex Marney at Pitching WRX

Hear Alex discuss the value of a DARI Motion system in a sport specific situation.

Coming Wednesday: Interview with Alex Marney of Pitching WRX!

Come back Wednesday to listen to our interview with Alex Marney of Pitching WRX, a data driven pitching instruction and athletic development facility in OKC.

There they are combining DARI’s functional and pitching assessments to equip their athletes and staff with the ultimate combination of valuable information.

To learn more about DARI Motion’s functional and pitching assessments contact us at