Hospital For Special Surgery (HSS): Celebrating 3 years with DARI!

HSS and DARI have been working hard together for 3 years.
“This emerging HSS ecosystem including the DARI platform will help set new standards in the quality and availability of musculoskeletal wellness, assessment devices, and solutions.”
– Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO of HSS

At DARI, we just want to say thank you to HSS for being a leader in MSK health in healthcare!

Client Shoutout! Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)

HSS now has 8 DARI Motion systems implemented across their hospital locations from West Palm Beach, FL to Brooklyn, NY.

We love advancing the new standards of motion health along side the incredible talent at HSS, the number 1 hospital in orthopedics.

Find out more about this collaboration in the article here:

Coming Wednesday: Interview with Alex Marney of Pitching WRX!

Come back Wednesday to listen to our interview with Alex Marney of Pitching WRX, a data driven pitching instruction and athletic development facility in OKC.

There they are combining DARI’s functional and pitching assessments to equip their athletes and staff with the ultimate combination of valuable information.

To learn more about DARI Motion’s functional and pitching assessments contact us at

Importance Of A Baseline! Understand What DARI Motion Provides A Recovering Patient.

Listen to NFL linebacker James Onwualu describe the importance of a baseline DARI Motion screen. Hear what he has to say about his recovery story with DARI Motion!

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Clinical Workflow! Follow Tim’s journey using DARI for his total joint replacement rehabilitation

Progress through the three zones of the process from baseline to release! If you want to learn more about how DARI Motion can fit in your workflow reach out and schedule a demo!

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Improving Patient Communication! Understand What DARI Motion Provides A Physical Therapist.

Listen to Snehal Patel describe what he first thought of DARI and what he quickly found to be true after using and getting to know what DARI provides in a clinical setting.

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