Wu Tsai Performance Alliance: University of Kansas

The Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance is designed to integrate deep scientific knowledge with the thoughtful inclusion of diverse voices to create meaningful change. Our leadership, partnerships, and participants allow us to identify key, real-world needs from athletes, coaches, and clinicians to then be implemented for all people.

DARI Motion is excited to work with one of the innovation hubs. Dr. Andrew Fry at the University of Kansas is working to transform motion health! More to come.

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Insights In Motion – Interview Series

DARI clients have been applying our ecosystem of solutions in a variety of different areas for years. This interview series is meant to step out into real world settings and listen to what people are experiencing. From research findings, clinical applications. performance monitoring, to impacts on outcomes we want to hear it all. We are ready to bring you insights in motion.

This interview is with:
Alex Marney at Pitching WRX

Hear Alex discuss the value of a DARI Motion system in a sport specific situation.

Importance Of A Baseline! Understand What DARI Motion Provides A Recovering Patient.

Listen to NFL linebacker James Onwualu describe the importance of a baseline DARI Motion screen. Hear what he has to say about his recovery story with DARI Motion!

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Sports Performance & Readiness: For athletes the connection just “makes it all easier”

Athletes today are under the microscope more than ever and the expectation to perform is nearing an unrealistically high level. Ironically, everyone wants an athlete to be performing their best or “peaking”, but to peak your athlete needs to be increasing and then decreasing their performance. This is not optimal for an athlete’s performance expectation.

New research and views on performance are focusing on athletes performing at less than a 100% of their expectation. When athletes take the field they can be playing at 90% of their abilities and still be high performers. This overall trend puts less stress on the athletes and maintains a healthier athlete and lower injury risk.

To make this all work, the goal is to reduce the perceived exertion of the athlete to perform the sports specific task. When the exertion level is lower and performance is high you have the correct stress level on the athlete (eustress).

When an athlete’s readiness (motion health) is monitored and optimized their entire body becomes more efficient. The result is an improvement in mobility, alignment, and reductions in torque from head to toe. When this athlete applies this higher level of readiness to sport specific movement the result is maintained (or increase performance) with less effort.

A real world example of this application is baseball pitching. Athletes with progressively improved readiness have noted an overall reduction in sports specific stress. One individual noted “it just feels easier”.

Focus on your athlete’s readiness and the results will cascade to all areas of sports performance.

DARI MOVE : Certification Creates Value

With a MOVE certification you screen and interpret data quickly. Creating fast intervention plans for scaling your wellness model. For example, this can give you the ability to monitor all your first responders and keep them physically ready and at their job.

Reach out to learn more about the DARI MOVE certification.

What Kind Of Athlete Do You Have?

Using the DARI motion ecosystem you can easily map out and review with different data models what kind of an athlete you are working with. The goal is to give you clear cut information to create an action plan to improve their overall physical ability.

From recruitment to development, this system is design to insightfully help you action data today to help build a better athlete for tomorrow.


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Pitchers Edge – Newly Installed! Congratulations.


Place your trust in Pitchers Edge to take a sincere interest in each player’s success with a personal commitment to provide a quality training experience. We offer individualized instruction using programming with scientific and data driven training methods proven to produce results. Our professionally designed instruction includes hitting, fielding, catching specializing in The Highest Level of Pitching Instruction for Pitchers and Overhand Throwing Motion Efficiency Instruction Position Players. Our Programming is proven to increase performance while reducing the risk of down time from sore arm or injuries with a strengthening aspect to specifically increase baseball skill. We offer an up-to date return to throwing program for Tommy John & Elbow surgery recovery. Our instructors take pride in providing each athlete with a positive, productive training experience to further their growth as a student athlete and enhance their enjoyment of the game.


Thank you for being a leader in motion health and performance!