Delivering Motion Health



DARI Motion makes it possible to use objective human movement data to deliver wellness, engage in community outreach, and help people achieve a better quality of life. At sub-millimeter accuracy and in minutes per scan, DARI Motion provides research-grade biomechanics at unprecedented scale.

This data helps wellness professionals identify movement imbalances, asymmetries, and compensation patterns that keep people from achieving their best motion.

A New Kind of Wellness


DARI Motion harnesses the power of markerless motion capture and sophisticated biomechanical algorithms to deliver motion health to entire populations.

• No time-consuming markers or force plates

• Objective, whole-body biomechanical analysis in as little as five minutes

• Actionable data delivered within seconds of a scan

DARI Motion Technology is Helping Providers:

• Differentiate themselves in their markets with a motion health service line

• Track and assess outcomes objectively over time

• Develop value-added partnerships with local employers to deliver wellness programs to their employees.

• Provide personalized analysis at population scale.

What People are Saying

“DARI is a critical component of the emerging HSS musculoskeletal health ecosystem. DARI’s state-of-the-art solution, coupled with HSS clinical talent and capabilities, will help set new standards in musculoskeletal wellness and solutions”

Lou Shapiro, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)

President & CEO

“We use DARI to improve our employee wellness – which reduces cost and increases productivity. DARI is also our key solution to grow revenue in our new Motion Health community offering.”

Jim Kirkbride, Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital


Quantifying Human Motion


Protect your most valuable resource–your employees. DARI Motion can reduce risk of injury, improve overall wellness and lower musculoskeletal spend.

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Optimize movement, avoid injuries and track progress. DARI Motion will help you transform athletes performing at any level.

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DARI Motion’s markerless motion capture and biomechanical algorithms allow you to efficiently deliver motion health to entire populations.

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