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Used for 10+ years to improve athlete performance at the highest level, DARI Motion offers a premier musculoskeletal analysis that prevents injury and drives better results.

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Holistic Analysis

By performing full body scans, the DARI system can precisely identify all types of deficiencies.

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Fast Testing

As a markerless system, DARI takes mere minutes to perform a human motion analysis test.

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Validated Data

Scientifically validated kinematics and kinetics provide a trusted baseline for test results.

Efficient Reporting
Efficient Reporting

Objective, actionable reports are made available in just 20 seconds for rapid interpretation.

Cloud-Based Management

Electronic access makes it easy to share results and collaborate with other invested parties.

Proven Programs that Offer Specialized Support

  • Readiness
  • Athleticism
  • Fatigue Testing


When working with individuals on their health and wellness goals, it is imperative to show improvement to provide value. A DARI Motion screen allows you to provide an individual with a variety of reporting outputs that make complex data easier to digest. Whether you are trying to show improvement in movement quality and performance or compare an individual to their peers, the information provided by DARI will enhance their experience and your process.

  • AthleticTrainer
    Athletic Trainer
  • Strength Coach
    S&C Coach
  • Head Coach
    Head Coach

An athlete’s readiness to play in their respective sport is dependent on their physical ability to move in an efficient way for their task. As a health professional serving athletes, you can use DARI as a tool to quickly determine both ability and risk. This allows you more time to treat athletes who are most in need.

The success of a team is radically impacted by the readiness of the team to play. As a professional tasked with keeping your team functioning at peak performance, you can use DARI Motion to capture optimal insights. With a view of each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, you can access precise data to develop customized training programs.

Knowing your players are ready for play before they take to the field is critical to your team’s success. DARI Motion delivers insights that keep your players on the field while helping them perform at their best. Together, these variables give you the best probability of walking away with a win.


Athletes are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance in their quest to become the best. A DARI Motion screen allows athletes and sports medicine staff to accurately assess the quality of their movement in order to increase their performance outputs. Being able to compare themselves to other athletes while identifying areas of improvement can not only enhance their play, but also keep them safely moving at a high level.

  • Recruiter
  • Coach
  • S&C Coach

Comparing athletes to one another is a challenge, and finding the right person for your team’s needs may suggest looking further and deeper. With DARI Motion, you can target the athletes that best fit your needs and remove any bias. Think of DARI as an objective tool to uncover the diamonds in the rough that other recruiters may not have the means to find.

Understanding an athlete’s ability and how they compare to their peers is a game-changer across all types of sports. Having the best athletes on your team is the first step in building a physical team that produces champions.

When a team is functioning at its highest level of performance, the more likely they are to bring home wins. With optimal insights from DARI Motion, you can keep your team functioning at their peak performance. You’ll have a way to view each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses — precise data that you can then use to establish custom training programs.

Fatigue Testing

It is known that when an athlete becomes fatigued, they start to see a dip in their performance. What is not as easily visualized is how these individuals are compensating their movement quality to obtain high-performance metrics. These compensations can ultimately lead to an increased risk of an injury. A DARI Motion screen can be completed pre- and post-fatigue test to determine what areas are becoming more susceptible to injury, with interventions used to aid in prevention. This fatigue testing is also a tool to prepare athletes to return to play from an injury to prevent enhanced risk.

  • Athletic Trainer
  • StrenghtCoach
    S&C Coach
  • Athlete

Fatigue is one of the clearest signals of an increased injury risk. DARI Motion provides a patented and proven solution for you to help determine an athlete’s fatigue index. Objective monitoring helps keep team members safe.

Some athletes are great movers while others are simply untrained — and in the balance of it all hangs wins and losses. You can use the DARI Motion fatigue test to better understand the capabilities and capacities of athletes to maximize their performance. In doing so, you’ll pave the way toward better game endings.

You can become the best version of yourself through complete knowledge of your motion health status. Instead of just moving well, the insights from DARI motion can help ensure you’re properly trained to move well in any kind of situation and avoid potential injuries.