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Know More. Minimize the Potential for Injuries.

By providing comprehensive MSK assessments, DARI Motion sets the foundation for protecting your population’s motion health and simplifying future decisions around injuries.

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Rapid Analysis

In a few minutes, the DARI system provides a complete evaluation of human motion analysis.

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Enhanced Focus

Ready 20 seconds after a screen, the evaluation report shares the top three focus areas, with corrective exercises provided.

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Validated Data

Backed by scientifically validated kinematics and kinetics, the DARI system relies on trusted data to fuel actionable results.

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Improved Engagement

Associating numbers with motion health deficiencies helps patients better understand their situation and how to address it.

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Reliable Baseline

Trusted results from a DARI assessment can be used as a point of comparison in worker’s compensation cases.

Proven Programs that Offer Specialized Support

  • Employee Wellness
  • Work Conditioning
  • Workers’ Compensation

Employee Wellness

Maintaining a healthy workforce is imperative to improving company culture and reducing healthcare costs. DARI offers the ability to assess an individual’s motion health in a matter of minutes and can be tracked longitudinally over time. A wellness program including DARI allows you to evaluate the health of your employees, improve their overall lifestyle and offers a unique program that promotes interaction.

  • Employeer
  • Wellness Cooridionar
    Health Coordinator
  • Employee

Managing your labor force comes with a high cost — especially when you factor in MSK injuries and missed work. A relatively low cost in comparison, DARI highlights how proper engagement and insights can lower your spend as well as your insurance premiums.

Managing the health of hundreds or even thousands of employees is no easy task. DARI Motion helps you dial in your efforts on the most at-risk population to create sustainable change and keep these workers healthy.

As an employee, DARI Motion allows you to understand the specific needs of your body and focus your attention on how to stay healthy and on the job. Simple movement interventions applied in your own time can provide deeper insights into your motion health for the long-term.

Work Conditioning

Musculoskeletal injuries are one of the leading causes of workplace incidents. Having your employees complete a DARI Motion screen will help identify areas that are at an increased risk of injury on that individual and allow for early interventions. DARI offers a specialized program that targets the identified areas that can improve the employees health and decrease their risk of injury.

  • Employeer
  • Strength and Conditioning
    Wellness Coach
  • Employee

When jobs demand high-labor tasks, a person needs to be physically trained to meet these demands on a daily basis. This is especially critical in the case of first responders, where readiness can be a matter of life and death. DARI Motion provides a program to track a person’s readiness and reduce their probability of injury on the job.

Understanding the unique needs of your target group is a challenge. DARI Motion provides benchmarks that serve as a road map on where individuals need help and ways to achieve improvement. All these insights are provided in the span of a convenient 3-minute screen.

When you’re in a physically demanding career, the ability to have a long career is directly dependent on your motion health. The knowledge you gain from DARI Motion helps keep you at work and forge a path toward a healthier future.

Workers’ Compensation

CFOs are no stranger to the financial impact that workers’ compensation claims can have on a company’s pockets. A baseline screen from DARI Motion puts your business not only in a better position to reduce injuries on the job, but also serves as a point of comparison when workers’ compensation claims do arise. Access to objective motion health data supports the validity of claims and prevents unnecessary costs.

  • Employeer
  • Orthopedic Sergon
    Orthopedic Surgeon

When an employee is hurt on the job, your business will experience a loss in productivity and potentially an indemnity claim. DARI Motion provides accurate baselines that not only help reduce injury probability, but — in the event an injury does occur — you’ll have the most accurate baseline as a comparison for functional loss. This protects both you and your employee.

One of the most complex situations an orthopedic surgeon faces is whether or not an employee is ready to return to work. DARI Motion offers the most complete data set to help inform you of what a person was capable of at the time they were hired to present testing. This allows you to see their progress through therapy and make a more confident decision around their ability to return to work.