DARI Motion is an FDA cleared device with clinical outcomes research for healthcare decision support.

Measurement Validation

DARI Motion is a validated system with an extensive review comparing its outputs to clinical level tools used in the industry. The results showed no difference between measures in kinematics and kinetics at multiple joints and in multiple planes of movement to the gold standard.

Repeatable & Reproducible

DARI Motion is a repeatable system for tracking human movement. The device provides both precision and accuracy in raw data and biometrics. Allowing clinical providers, access to scalable processes without sacrificing quality in longitudinal testing.

Normative Reference & Analysis

The high-quality data produced by DARI Motion has been aggregated to become the world’s largest database of 3D human movement. And from that database, DARI has the platform to convert a direct measurement into a truly normatively ranked value like no other device.

Clinical Validation

DARI Motion has demonstrated clinically relevance by shows strong associations to other health related tests. Proving a validation for clinical application and the justification for use in a healthcare setting specifically in orthopedic and neurological care

Objective Records Over Subjective Perception

DARI Motion has also shown that patient report outcomes (PROMS) is subjective and misleading related to the value of a surgical outcome. An objective measure and biomechanical profile is the more appropriate and accurate tool for measuring functional outcomes.

Supporting Docs
Research Driven Decision Support

With proven clinical application and outcomes justification, DARI Motion advanced to provide a patient progression monitoring system that translates patient specific metrics into a traceable plan of care. Which drives insightful decision making from outcomes research with a proven clinical tool.