Hospital For Special Surgery (HSS): Celebrating 3 years with DARI!

HSS and DARI have been working hard together for 3 years.
“This emerging HSS ecosystem including the DARI platform will help set new standards in the quality and availability of musculoskeletal wellness, assessment devices, and solutions.”
– Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO of HSS

At DARI, we just want to say thank you to HSS for being a leader in MSK health in healthcare!

DARI Motion Has Branches into 3 Product Offerings

DARI Sports

DARI Sports is a system built for high speed capture. Combining both sport specific movements with Performance testing.
– Professional Athletics
– Collegiate Athletics
– High End Performance
– Sport Specific Movement
+ Throwing, Swinging, Running and Athletic Performance


DARI Move is a system built for tracking a healthy population wanting to improve. Redefining what readiness means to you.
– Health Centers For Aging
– Employee Wellness Programs
– Tactical Professionals
– Fitness Facilities
​+ Functional Performance, Body Metrics, Muscle Mapping

DARI Health

DARI Health is an FDA cleared medical device that has an intended use for longitudinally tracking orthopedic progression.
– Hospitals
– Ambulatory Surgical Centers
– Medical Clinics
– Physical Therapy Clinics
+ Return to Activity, Fatigue, Joint Function and Performance

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Turkey has been working on his running biomechanics, utilizing the SAGE Tool for a running analysis. He is mostly concerned with being able to run away from you and the dinner table faster!

At DARI we are thankful for all of our wonderful clients and supporters. We are looking forward to closing 2020 with a bang and starting off 2021 with lots of new offerings!

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

A TKA Patient’s Care Path Altered Due to DARI Scan Results

A Physical Therapist describes how a TKA patient’s therapy was lengthened based on their DARI results which would have never happened with the traditional measurement methods.

This will not only result in better outcomes for patients but can also help to advocate for more PT visits with a patient. If they are not ready for discharge it can provide much more objective data on the patient’s current status and readiness level.

PT’s are using DARI to make sure no issues go uncovered

PT’s are using DARI to uncover and address issues outside of the compromised joint to ensure their patient’s don’t return to therapy due to underlying compensation patterns or other joint immobilities.

No matter what joint a patient has an injury at or pain, it is critical to evaluate the whole body. The problem with this is in order to evaluate all major joints on a patient, it usually takes far too much time than a typical visit allows. With the DARI system you are able to evaluate how every joint is performing and how it is working in tandem with other joints. Therefore, it is easy and efficient to identify compensation patterns that may not have been discovered otherwise.

Read how a physical therapist in Texas used DARI to identify other susceptibilities in a pitcher’s body post-labrum repair to ensure he “is more protected when he is able to return to pitching”.

Movement Review: Single Leg Squat

A movement review is an excellent touch point to see exactly what DARI can collect and to better understand its importance in your motion health!

The single leg squat is a fantastic way to review the strength and control of each lower limb individually. Performing a single leg squat to any significant depth almost immediately takes many subject’s outside of their comfort zone.

How well can a subject control their body while balancing and descending on one leg? Placing them in this compromised position often reveals vulnerabilities. Whether the knee caves in and valgus is high, the ankle demonstrates lack of stability, or no flexibility in the hips leads to a large trunk bend but no true squat depth; the information gathered on this movement is significant to telling one’s motion health.

We perform single leg squats every day, whether it is propelling up or down a flight or stairs or getting in and out of the car, we need to be able to control our center of mass on a single leg rather than the comfort of two.

So how low can you go?
Send us your best single leg squats (leg up and behind, not a pistol) and let’s see!

What is a “Functional Movement Screen” and how is it used clinically?

A functional movement screen is a more recent approach to understanding movement. The general idea of a movement screen is the resulting limitation(s) will give a provider more insight on what muscle is not operating well or what part of the body is out of alignment. Most of this application is in wellness or sport, but, are there ways to use it clinically?

The initial problem with the functional movement screen is that it hasn’t been, by itself, proven to reduce injuries. There are correlations, but the scoring has too much human error input into the scoring (inter and intra). It has been shown to improve performance and that has been its point of initial use . For that reason alone, people in the clinical setting often don’t pay much attention to functional movement screenings.

The only use clinically for any functional screening is using an unbiased technology. You must remove human error and use measurement devices more sensitive than the eye. This allows for more dynamic data analysis and a more robust review of human movement. Scientifically, this is connecting the dots between human movement limitations and injury prediction and avoidance. It allows providers to see everything that even a trained eye can miss.

Functional movement screenings can be used in a clinical setting… with a clinical level device.

The Schwarz Institute: Celebrating more than 3 years with DARI!

The Schwarz Institute covers all things physical therapy and sports performance. They offer numerous services and widespread expertise to Long Island and DARI is happy to be a part of it!

At the Schwarz Institute Sports Lab, they not only asses function movement but also sport specific, keeping their athletes at the top of their game.

At DARI, we just want to say thank you to The Schwarz Institute for being a leader in MSK health in performance.